WOD for 3Aug

Reminder note on our current programming: We are working through a linear strength cycle and tailoring our workouts to fit that cycle. That said, our workouts will not be strictly following the competitorstraining.com site for a few more weeks. 

A full week of training lies ahead of us. I should be in for lunch, but will not be in for the AM session. 

1.  Pause high bar Back Squat (pause for 3 seconds at the bottom: 5 sets of 5. 

2.  2 Rounds for time of:

Row 600m

15 handstand push ups (go from a deficit if you can do these unbroken)

12 KB Deadlifts (2×100# KBs for men/2×70# KBs for women)

***feel free to keep those heavy KBs over near the rack and simply run over there to do the DLs.  

3. Accessory strength work

Glute ham raises x6-10 on the GHD

WOD for 31July

I will be in for the lunch session, and possibly the AM session as well. Looking forward to getting back at it with the 89 crew!

1. Hang squat snatch + Full snatch 

6 sets,  climbing in weight. Don’t max out here. Make every rep look good. Perfect practice makes perfect movement. 

2. Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes:

Even minutes: 3 power cleans + 3 push jerks (185/130#)

Odd: 10 GHD Sit ups 

WOD for 29July

1. Push press 3RM then 4×3 at 90% of your 3RM. 
2. Hang power clean and jerk 1RM. 
3. From the CrossFit Games Masters/teens division:

3 rounds for time:

100 double unders 

7 hang power clean and jerks (185/115#)

WOD for 28July

I am still on leave. So.. enjoy! I will be hitting this up on the road. 

1. For time

1K row

25 toes to bar 

25 box jump overs (24″)

25 power cleans (115# or 135# for men / 85# or 95# for women)

25 box jump overs 

25 toes to bar

100 double unders (250 singles as scale)

2. Not for time 


Deadlifts – you choose the weight 


Weighted ring rips – you choose the weight

WOD for 27July

Wow. The CrossFit Games were absolutely electrifying. Those athletes can lift like behemoths and yet they’re fast and agile and posses accuracy. In short, they embody our potential at excelling at the ten general physical skills. 

Admin note: A lot of us are on leave this week again (me included). I’ll be back in the gym Friday. In the meantime, enjoy!
1. Front squat 5RM (try for 2.5# or more heavier than last time) then 3×5 at 90% of 5RM. 
2. Sprint-Style conditioning 

Take 25% of your unbroken Ring MU: 4 Sets of “X” MU + “X” Dips + “X” MU. So, if you can do 6 unbroken MU then take 25% of 6 and fill in for “X” …. If you don’t have muscle ups then either work your strict dips/ring dips in 4 sets or lower the rings and practice doing MU from a jumping position. 
3. 3 rounds for time of: 

10 thrusters at 50% of your 5RM front squat 

Sled sprint-push down and back on green terf.  Keep the sled light enough so that you can sprint / run while pushing it, but also loaded enough to make it difficult. 

WOD for 24July

I am on leave until next week. Those of you who are around, keep on this strength cycle and record your numbers. 

1. Cleanx 2 reps + Push Jerk x 1 rep 

6 sets, work up to a heavy set but don’t max out. 

2. Back racked Barbell Lunge

5×10 steps, use roughly the same weight for each set. Take 3-5 minutes of rest between sets. 

3. For time 


Shoulder to overhead 110/88#

Pull ups