Saturday, 5-23-15

For those of you not heading to Iron Forged for Murph, here’s some work for you to do. Post to comments when you’d be going in to the Fred or Tucker to do it.

1. Conditioning
1 mile run
100 air squats
100 abmat sit ups
50 kbs, 2-pood/1.5-pood
50 box jumps overs, 24/20

2. Handstand Walk
175 feet for time

3. Snatch
work up to a heavy single

Post to comments times for 1 and 2 and load for 3. (Scale for 2 is 15 minutes of handstand practice – against a wall or free-standing.)

Friday, 5-22-15

I know that most folks are either going out of town for the long weekend or are doing Murph on Saturday (still not too late!) For everyone else, here is some work to be done. Remember that The Fred is closed Friday and Monday, but Tucker is open (normal hours Friday, 1200-1900 on Monday)

1. “Randy”

75 snatches for time (75/55). As there is no way to make 75 or 55 pounds with normal-sized plates, use the small plates and either a) take the bar just below the knees for the beginning of every rep or b) se the lower plyoboxes boxes up on either side of you and that becomes your “ground” for your bar and plates

2. Gymnastics Conditioning
60 Strict Pull ups for time

Post times for 1 and 2 to comments. (Also, if you do something else, post THAT to comments…everyone wants to know!)

Thursday, 5-21-15 – Recovery Day and Murph on Saturday

Get in, get a good warmup in, and work out the kinks, knots, and/or tight spots. If you missed any WODs this week, knock one out.  I will be in for both the breakfast and lunch sessions.

Iron Forged Athletics will be hosting Memorial Day Murph this Saturday 10-2; a few of us are already signed up (specifically for the 10 am heat). If you are interested, post to comments.

Wednesday, 5-20-15

This looks to be a fun one. We’ll hit this up at lunch; will need to start the WOD right at 1200.

1. Barbell Conditioning
Teams of 3 (1 athlete works at a time):
With a running clock…
A. In 7 mins complete:
50 Back Squats, 135/95
50 Back Squats, 185/135
AMRAP Back Squats, 225/155 in remaining time.
Back squats can be taken from a rack.

Rest 3 minutes

B. In 7 mins complete:
50 Strict Shoulder Press, 95/65
50 Strict Shoulder Press, 115/80
AMRAP Strict Shoulder Press, 135/95 in remaining time.
Presses can be taken from a rack.

Rest 3 minutes

C. In 7 mins complete:
50 Dead Lifts, 185/135,
50 Dead Lifts, 225/155
AMRAP Dead Lifts, 275/185 in remaining time.

Tuesday, 5-19-15

I should be in for both breakfast (0745) for parts 1 and 2 and lunch (1145) for part 3. 

1. Snatch
7 sets of the following complex:
Pocket High Pull + Hang High Pull + Hang Squat Snatch
Pocket High Pull – Start with the bar at your hips, knees bent, vertical torso. Extend aggressively through knees and pull bar up your torso.
Hang High Pull – Start with the bar at mid thigh with your chest over the bar. Slowly bring the bar to your pockets and pull up your torso.

2. Gymnastics Conditioning unbroken C2B for time. If you break a set you must redo that set before moving on.

3. Conditioning
6 FS, 155/105
6 Burpees over Bar

Rest 1:00

B. AMRAP 3: Double unders

Rest 1:00

6 FS, 135/95
6 Burpees over Bar

Post load for 1, time for 2, and reps for A, B, and C for 3 to comments.

Monday, 5-18-15

I should be in for both the breakfast (0745 – parts 1 and 2) and lunch (1145 – part 3) sessions. Post to comments if you’re going at different times.

1. Clean and Jerk
7×3 quick singles, climbing – rest 2 mins between sets.

2. Front Squat
2×10 across

4. Conditioning
50 Wall Balls, 20/14
200 Meter Run
15 Clean and Jerk, 135/95
400 Meter Run
15 Clean and Jerk, 135/95
200 Meter Run
50 Wall Balls, 20/14

Post loads for 1 and 2 and time for 3 to comments.