Upcoming Events and WOD for Saturday, July 26th

I hope that you’re all at least gandering at the spectacle that is the CrossFit Games…some pretty incredible performances going on out there in California.

August has a number of (local) CrossFit-related events that I wanted all of you to know about…


August 2nd – 31 Heroes.  This is a buddy memorial WOD to raise money and memorialize the servicemen and servicedog who died on Extortion 17 on August 6th, 2011.  A couple different boxes in the area are hosting it – CrossFit 611 (formerly East Coast CrossFit) in Southern Pines, and CrossFit Ferus in Fayetteville (Tallywood Shopping Center).  I’ll personally be heading out to 611 for it.  Check out http://www.31heroes.com/ for more information about registration and the WOD itself.


August 16th – Garage Games World Wide WOD Global Aftermath.  RedPoint is hosting this competition for individuals. http://www.thegaragegames.com/events/world-wide-wod-global-aftermath-2014/


August 23rd – RedPoint is hosting a book reading, community WOD, and signing of Learning to Breathe Fire: The Rise of CrossFit and the Primal Future of Fitness from the author herself, J.C. Herz.  Shoot me a note for more information – it’s open to all in the area!

And here’s today’s WOD:

For Time:
30 Clean and Jerk (95/135)
Run 1 Mile
10 Rope Climbs
Run 1 Mile
100 Burpees

WOD for Friday, July 25th

I won’t be able to make it in for either session today – I willl be tied up with a jump all day. Don’t worry, I already did the WODs yesterday.

A.) Backsquat – 10 x 3, across.

B.) Ascending ladder for 7 minutes:
20 Double Unders, 1 Power Snatch (88/115)
20 DU, 2 PS
20 DU, 3 PS

Extra Work:
7 min EMOM
Evens: 6 Deadlifts (@ ~60% 1RM)
Odds: 12 Calories on Ski Erg (those things in front of the treadmills)

Post loads for A.) and total rounds + reps for B.) to comments.

WOD for Tuesday, July 22nd

A.) (0745ish at Frederick’s):
15 min EMOM of Snatch:
Min 1: 30# under 1RM
Min 2: 25# under 1RM
Min 3: 20# under 1RM
Min 4: 15# under 1RM
Min 5: 10# under 1RM
Repeat the order 2 more times

B.) (Lunch at Frederick’s – about 1145):

For time:
20 Thrusters
20 Hang Power Cleans
20 Push Press
20 OHS
20 Front Squats
- Every minute, on the minute, complete 5 burpees

Women: 65#
Men: 95#

Post loads for A.) and Overall Time for B.) to comments

WOD for Friday, July 18th

A.) (0745 at the Fred) 
Frontsquat – 10 x 3, same weight across

B.) (1145 at the Fred)
“The Good Life”
3 RFT:
500m Row
12 Burpees
21 Boxjumps (20/24)

Extra, if you’re feeling Froggy – (I’m going to try to do this in the morning after A.)
1 min max reps power snatch (95/135)
1 min rest
1 min max Muscle Ups
1 min rest
1 min max C&J (105/155)
1 min rest
1 min max Muscle Ups
1 min rest
1 min max deadlifts 155/225
1 min rest
1 min max Muscle Ups