Beyond the Whiteboard and Jump Ropes

For anyone interested in a great way to track your progress as you  move through your Crossfit Journey checkout:

Beyond the Whiteboard is a great way to compare yourself with the CF community at large and also a great way to track how you did one named WODs and Personal Records.

For 50 dollars a year it is perfectly affordable as well.


Myself and many others at CF89 have RX Smart gear jump ropes. These jump ropes really help when learning how to do double unders. They have 5 thicknesses of ropes and I highly suggest starting with a thicker rope and transitioning to lighter ropes as you get better with them. With that in mind if you get a super thick rope it is liable to punish you severely for every mistake. I named my rope Sauron for that very reason.

Most of us have had good experiences with RX Smart Gear (Sorry Cliff) and I highly recommend them. When (if) Cliff’s Rogue Rope shows up we can compare it and see what the better buy is.

Rx Smart Gear also has a black friday cyber sale as well.


WOD for 25 NOV!

Merry Thanksgiving WOD!!!!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving you will have the opportunity with the workout today to thank your WOD Buddy because you guessed it!!! This is a partner WOD as well as Nick’s “See you soon but hopefully not too soon WOD”

The name of this one is:



In teams of two complete the following for time:

100 Ring Dips

100 Toes to bar


One athlete works at a time.

The “resting” partner is farmers walking with two 53/35 pound kettlebells around the green turf. The athletes switch EVERY time an athlete comes off the bar and once you come off the bar you can’t get back onto the bar until it is your turn again.

After we complete this WOD choose a skill that you aren’t good at and get some reps in on it. For most of us this is going to be double unders.


Today I will bring an order form for T shirt. If you want one they are gonna be 20 dollarsish. Once you sign up for a shirt you are solemnly obligated under punishment of SCOURGING to pay for it when it arrives. The last thing I need is 15 CF89 shirts of varying sizes hanging around my house cause you ordered 3 and then decided you didn’t want them.


Lets get beastly folks.



WOD for 24 NOV

So programming is going to consist of General Physical Preparedness for the next several months in order to prepare for the Crossfit Open. If you don’t know what the “open” is ask myself (Aaron) or Joey and we will explain it to you. So with preparation for the open in mind I am going to do my best to ensure all our athletes can perform all of the varying different kinds of movements. So for example, everyone can do a Deadlift the question is how much weight and for how long can you do that deadlift? Not everyone though can do double unders or a muscle up right now. So we are going to focus (as a group) on developing the skills to be able to perform all the movements that could be found in the CF open. With that being said, if you can do double unders, muscle ups, pistols, hand stand push ups etc etc. feel free to load on the weight and pursue growing your shoulders into your head like this guy below



Wow, I must be back in high school…cause there sure are a lotta Jerks in here!


1.Work up to your 1RM Jerk. Push or Split.


2. 7 RFT:

5 Jerks at 70%

Run down and back on the turf 2x.


So down and back x 2=120 yards (Roughly)


Here are the two kinds of jerks:


Post times and weights to comments so you can track them down the road next time we do a heavy jerk.

WOD for 23 NOV!

So today is the day I (Aaron) take over programming while Nick is going to be away in the woods.

We will meet at our usual time and place, 1130 at Frederick Physical Fitness Center.

So with a programming transition in mind I would like to throw out a shout out to CF89 Founder and inspiration Dave Hudson! The following WOD is for you Dave!


The Dave Hudson!


10 Deadlifts 225/155

20 Box Jumps 24/20

30 Cal row


Before we knock that out though make sure you get some good technique work in on DLs and the rower.

As a “warm up” we are going to do something I am presently going to call…mental toughness Mondays. For this Monday it is going to be Max Rep Wall Ball Shots 20/14. The goal here is 50 in a row. Don’t put that ball down until you get to at least 50!! If 50 was easy for you then try 60 or 70. Remember mental toughness, its only a 20 pound ball guys!

Post Score to Comments so we can compare how everyone did.


WOD for 20Nov

Two solid pieces to the program today. The push press work will leave you a touch “toasty,” so follow the directions for part 2 and go light/fast/smooth. 


See you at 11:40 at Frederick!


1. Every minute on the minute for 6 minutes: Perform 3 Push Press at 80% of your 1RM push press. 


2.  7 Rounds for time

7 power cleans (95#/65#)

7 Thrusters (95#/65#)

7 Bar Facing Burpees

*Should be a weight you can go unbroken on every round from the power cleans into the thrusters. This is LIGHT!!!

WOD for 18Nov

We are back at Frederick gym at 11:40. 



EMOM for 30 MIN

5 Pull ups

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squats.


*How far can you make it? 5 min, 10 min, 20? Wherever the clock catches you, record that time, then finish the rest of the workout in a AMRAP fashion recording how many rounds they do in the remaining time. If that doesn’t make sense – come and we will explain. 


** if your “Cindy” score is 23+ rounds, then perform this as 30 rounds for time.