Tuesday February 26th – Rest Day!

Rest Day!

Active rest, mobilize, roll out, make up a WOD if you’ve missed one.  Don’t let this be you:


(From CrossFit Memes Facebook page)

In all seriousness, make sure you’re getting the rest you need, as it’s
during rest that your muscles actually recover and get stronger.

If you’re able to do hard WODs every day of the week, you are most
likely not doing them with enough intensity to be beneficial.  Active
rest is fine – as a matter of fact, it’s highly encouraged – as it helps
your body work all of the toxins that have built up in your body from
doing hard work…but don’t confuse “working out the kinks” with “making
more kinks.”

So, get your rest in tomorrow, and Wednesday we’ll move large loads long
distances quickly.  (Unless, like me, Wednesday is a forced rest
day…anyone else that applies to, see you at 1130.)

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