Monday March 18th WOD

1 lap around a building
10 leg swings
10 Spartan lunges
10 Squats
5 bench dips

Front Squat
Heavy Single
Heavy Triple
2×5 for Form*
*This means getting FULL depth (as far down as you can go, NOT just
below parallel, and shooting straight out of the bottom FAST)

Buy-in: 100 doubleunders

AFRAP (As FEW Rounds as Possible) to get to 75 Wallballs of
5 Ring Dips
Max unbroken Wallballs (14# to 9’/20# to 10′) (Score is total number of

Cash-out: 30 “GHD” situps on the tire
What constitutes “breaking” on Wallballs:
– A no rep (ball doesn’t hit the wall on the line or above, you don’t
reach full depth squat)
– Ball hits the ground
– Yes, we will have judges to keep you honest

Post number loads from the SWOD and total number of rounds from the
Wallballs to comments

One thought on “Monday March 18th WOD

  1. 315/265/225 on the Front Squats (Finally getting back up there for my 1RM)
    2 attempts to get through the doubleunders (56/44)
    2 Rounds to get through the Wallball shots (40/35)

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