WOD for Tuesday, 1 Oct

Note that there is a little bit of interesting part to this….

A. Sqt Clean
2×10 at 70% of what you did Monday

B. For Time:
8 Power Cleans (155/225)
6 Rope Climbs*
25 Chest-to-bar Pullups 
6 Rope Climbs*
8 Power Cleans 

*This is the interesting part.  We obviously don’t have any ropes at The Fred.  Therefore, I (Dave) will be heading over to Tucker (behind the Airborne PX, which is on Ardennes) right after part A. Obviously, that option won’t be open to everyone because of work.  So, you have an option: Do part A and then part B after work (at Tucker) -OR- Part A and then (at The Fred) right after:

Part B (alternate)
For Time: 
8 Power Cleans (155/225)
18 Toes to Bar
25 CTB Pullups
18 TTB
8 Power Cleans (155/225)


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