WOD for Friday, November 8

But wait! We don’t have work! And The Fred is closed…Monday too!

I’ll get into all of that below, after the WOD.

A. Split Jerk – 4 Set x 4 Rep @ 80% 1RM

B. 3 Rounds
4 Min AMRAP of 
Front Rack Walking Lunge x 25M (95/135)
10 Toes to Bar

Okay, so you have a few options.  If you’ve got the equipment, you can do it at home.  Additionally, Tucker Gym (in the 82nd Area, behind the Airborne Shoppette) IS open, and has all of the equipment you’d need for this one.

Or, you could step outside of comfort zone and go check out one of the local CF boxes…at last count, we have 10 in the “Greater Fort Bragg Area”.  (Most of them follow their own programming…RedPoint CrossFit follows the same programming that we do, so this is the WOD you’d see there today.)

Also, I’d encourage all of you to go check out the Iron Clash, a local competition at Iron Forged Athletics (downtown Fayetteville). It will run Saturday (1130 – ~1630) and Sunday (0900 – ~1500)…come see some pretty amazing people do some pretty amazing things.

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