WOD for Friday, November 15th

Today’s going to be a bit weird. With the Group Safety Standdown, it is unlikely that ANY of us are going to be able to make it to the lunchtime session.  I’ll be at The Fred at about 0645ish to try to get most of it in.

A. Push Press – Work up to a tough 3, then 3 x 3 at that weight.

B. With a 10-minute running clock:
Backward (and heavy) Diane:
Deadlift (175/255)
HSPU (3″ deficit)
With remaining time, AMRAP S2OH at 110/155#.
Your score is total number of S2OH.

For scaling on the HSPU: if you can’t get full range, do them with knees on a plyo box.  Alternatively, you can do STRICT double-arm kettlebell presses

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