WOD for Friday, December 6th

A. (0745 at the Fred) Strict Press – Find today’s 1RM.  (Try to keep it to 15 minutes or less to get to it.)  Remember, with a strict press, there is NO DIP to help get the bar up. 

B. (1145 at the Fred) TEAM WOD
In 20 Min:
2 rounds of
Each person does 3 laps of the turf with moderate weight
10 Muscleups (each person)
Once those two rounds are complete, max reps push press (110/155) (each person individually)

How this will work: in teams of 2, 3, or 4, each person will complete 3 laps on the turf with moderate weight – it does NOT have to be consecutive.  So it COULD be that team member 1 does one lap (down and back), then team member 2 does one lap, alternating until each team member completes 3 full laps.   (Size of teams depends on how many are there and the number of sleds available. You figure that one out.  “Moderate weight” means light enough to walk briskly, but not so light that you can run.  For me, that’s two 45lb plates.  Use the ropes there to pull the sleds like sled dogs.)
Scale for Muscleups is 1 CTB Pullup and 1 ring dip (or 2 bar dips).  No one can start their Muscleups (or pullups/dips) until all team members have finished all three laps with the sled.
Obviously, you want to have your bar set up before time starts.

I’m giving all of this information here because I’m on a jump this morning, and won’t be at the morning session and won’t be there early enough to start everyone off at lunch, if I’m there at all.  Crazy week – it is what it is.


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