Announcement and WOD for Wednesday, December 18th

First, for everyone who can make it, tomorrow (Thursday), we’ll have the CF89 Christmas Party. Nope, we’re not going to have a gift exchange (white elephant, dirty santa or otherwise). We’ll keep it simple…after the WOD, we’ll all meet at Moe’s (on Sycamore Dairy Road) and break the proverbial bread (tortilla?) together. (If you don’t know where Moe’s is – first, get out a little, second, how dare you, and third, better ask somebody.) Rumor has it that John Luckie is treating…I may be wrong about that, though. So we’ll all meet there sometime between 1330 and 1400.

Second, yes, today (Wednesday) is usually a rest day. With next week being a “weird” week, we’ll get some work in anyway.

A. (Starting sharply at 0730): 30 (Modified) Curtis P’s for time (75/110)
Modified Curtis P – without putting the bar down:
Squat Clean
Lunge on R Leg (bar in rack)
Lunge on L Leg (bar in rack)
Split Jerk

B. 1215 (ish)….the 12 Days of Christmas.
1           HSPU
2          Deadlift (145/225)
3          Shoulder to Overhead (75/110)
4          Clean (75/110)
5          Ring Dips
6          Abmat Situps
7          Boxjumps
8          Wallball Shots (14/20)
9          Toes to Bar
10        KBS (35/55)
11         Burpees
12        Sets of 10 DUs (120 Doubleunders)

(And it will run just like the song…1 HSPU, 2 Deadlifts & 1 HSPU, 3 of S2OH & 2 Deadlifts & 1 HSPU., etc.)

1. If you stop AT ALL on a movement to rest/breathe/adjust yourself/check yourself out in the mirror/say hi to a friend/check someone ELSE out in the mirror and someone else wants on that implement, you HAVE to let them pass you.
2. First one to that implement gets to do the movement first.
3. Each person will start individually on a running clock EVERY 30 SECONDS; it will be up to you to remember your start (and finish) time
4. Everyone SHOULD be able to handle the weights listed. If not, it is up to you, individually, to set up a bar with a weight you can handle (prior to starting, obviously)

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