WOD for Friday, December 27th

A) (0745 at The Fred, or whenever you can get there)
Push Press – Work up to a tough 3, then 3 sets by 3 reps at that weight.

B) (1215 at The Fred)
12 Min AMRAP
25 KBS (35/55)
25 Ring Dips

HSPU: hands on plates, head to abmat.
KBS: American – bell straight up overhead, arms fully extended
Ring Dips: biceps touch top of rings at bottom, arms fully extended at top. Kipping is fine.


HSPU: If you can’t do full depth, that’s fine…but but have a target that you hit with your head on EVERY rep.
KBS: go down in weight…but be sure you reach full ROM on each rep.
Dips: bar dips.  Make sure that your elbows are higher than your shoulders at the top.  If you need to use a band to do that, check one out and use it.


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