WOD for Monday, January 6th

Welcome back to work, slackers! Let’s get after it.

Just a note on Part B…yes, it’s different from Proving Ground’s.  That’s cuz I didn’t want to submit you (or me) to the pain of a total of 75 C&J at 135 and 100 C2B pullups tomorrow. (Particularly after the work I did at RedPoint on Saturday.)  So, we’re doing Chui’s birthday WOD, which he designed himself.  (It’s SLIGHTLY different from what he posted on FaceBook. Yes, he and I talked about it and adjusted it. Didn’t think you all really wanted to have 10+ minutes of rowing on either end of an already pretty healthy WOD.)

A.) (Morning at the The Fred – I’ll be there about 0615/0630…sorry, it’s what I’ve got): Squat Clean – Find your 1RM.  (Take NO LONGER than 20 minutes from when you finish your warm up.)

B.) (We’ll start promptly at 1145, so get there quick.  Let’s try to have AT LEAST two bars for each weight needed so there’s not a lot of standing around waiting.)

“36” – In honor of Chui’s 36th Birthday:
For Time:
Row 1500m
– Then-
6 Rounds, 6 Reps each:
Deadlift (155/255)
Muscle-ups (or strict pullups and strict ring dips)
Kettlebell Snatch (1/1.5 pood)
Cleans (95/135)
Box Jumps (24/30)
Row 1500m

Same rules apply as the 12 Days of Christmas WOD – first person to a bar or box has dibs, but if that person has to pause or rest, anyone waiting for said bar or box has to let them use it.

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