WOD for Monday, January 13th

Another weird week for me, so things will be a little off. I will attempt to post when I’ll be in on the daily post as best I can. Get the work in…even if I’m not able to be there. For Monday, I will only be in at lunch, and I’ll be doing part A. I’ll still obviously be there to assist with any questions on scaling, etc.

A) Front Squat – 5 sets of 1 Rep @ 95% – if you’re feeling froggy, try for a new 1RM.

B) 20 Min AMRAP
40 Double Unders (or 120 Singles)
10 HSPU 
15 Burpees (to a target 6″ above your standing reach)

I’ll have my two abmats there for folks to use as head targets.  (If you have one, bring it in.)

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