WOD for Friday, January 24th


I’ll be at the Fred at 0600 (or a little after) to do A – I’ll stick around until 0745 to coach anyone who shows up. B will be done at lunch (1145ish).

A) Push Jerk – Work up to a tough 3, then 3 sets of 3 reps at that weight

B) 12 Min AMRAP
7 OHS (140/100)
4 Muscle Ups

Sub for Muscle Ups is pullups and dips. Here are your options:
– 1 CTB pullup or 2 pullups
– 1 Ring Dip or 2 bar dips
Mix and match these however you need to in order to push yourself but keep the intensity up. You CAN do all of the pullups for that particular round before moving to do the dips, but you CANNOT do them linked. (For instance, if you are scaling to 1 CTB pullup per Muscle Up, you will do one, then come off the bar, then get back on the bar and do the next.) Same goes for the dips.

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