Admin Stuff and WOD for Monday, June 2nd

Welcome to June! Let’s do some work.

First, a couple of Admin notes:

1. Frederick Gym will be closed for some unit event every day 0500-0800 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays through June 17th.  All that means is don’t even TRY to go there in the mornings (unless you’re going at 0800 or after)…so go to Tucker instead. (Lunch is still at Fredrick.) 

2. I’ll be TDY Tuesday through Friday of this week, so I won’t be in after today.  I will still be posting a daily WOD.  (I also won’t be in this morning.)

3. You all are awesome. 

A. 8 Min EMOM Squat Snatch
Min 1 & 5: 50# under 1RM
Min 2 & 6: 40# under 1 RM
Min 3 & 7: 30# under 1 RM
Min 4 & 8: 20# under 1 RM

B. For Time:
800m Run
20 Power Snatches (67/110)
800m Run

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