WOD for Tuesday, July 29th

A.) (0745ish at the Fred): 
Hang Squat Clean – work up to a heavy triple
Then 3×3 at that weight

B.) (1145 at the Fred):
5 Bench Press (135/225)
10 Bent over Row (95/155)
15 GHD Situps
*First round is 500m, second 400m, etc. Last round will be 100m.

Start claiming platforms when you get there today. Yes, there will be a lot of running up and down stairs – and over to the GHDs. Guess what? In the original CrossFit box, all of their rowing machines were also in a loft. 


One thought on “WOD for Tuesday, July 29th

  1. A.) 242 (PR). (Failed the 3rd Rep in the 1st set, but got the others)
    B.) 22:37 (Scaled BP to 177; Bent-over row to 135.)

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