Don’t forget that Saturday is 31 Heroes – still not too late to find a buddy and sign up. Click the image above or ask about it in the comments section.

One thing I did want to address is the nature of our WODs and getting all of the work done that I post. I know many of you only have time to get to the gym once a day. (But think about that…do you really only have that much time? We start at 0745 on part A so that you can get there after PT – theoretically, you’re already warmed up, so it should only take 15-20 minutes.) For most, if you are coming only once a day, that’s lunchtime – and you end up doing ONLY the METCON (usually, part B). While it’s good that you get that in, if you are ONLY doing the METCON every day, you’re missing a vital component to your physical development (and the programming): strength development. (Yes, the METCON WILL help you develop strength – but not as efficiently as a good old fashioned strength WOD.)

Ideally, you can get both A and B done every day, obviously. Failing being able to do that, you need to alternate between part A and part B – and should probably be hitting up the strength/Oly more often than the METCON, as whatever your unit had you do for PT was most likely more METCONish.

On to Friday’s WODs – WHICH WILL BE DONE AT TUCKER!  (For those not in the know, Tucker Gym behind the Airborne Shoppette in the 82nd area. The shoppette itself is on Ardennes. Message me in the comments below if you have a question about the best way to get there.)

A.) (0745ish at Tucker) – 5 x Snatch Complex:
3 quick single power snatches* + 3 snatch grip push press from behind the neck
*This means drop each from the top, quickly reset, and go again; do not drop the 3rd power snatch – bring it down on your shoulders behind your head.

B.) 1145ish at Tucker
For Time:
21 Power Snatch (88/115)
21 Boxjump over (18/24)
5 Bar Muscle Up
15 Power Snatch
15 Boxjump over
5 Bar Muscle Up
9 Power Snatch
9 Boxjump over
5 Bar Muscle Up

We’ll of course have a review of the power snatch prior to the WOD.

Post Loads for A and Time for B in comments.

3 thoughts on “FREDERICK IS CLOSED FRIDAY AND MONDAY – and WOD for Friday, August 1st

  1. A.) 135/135/135/155/155…though the power snatches were pretty ugly at 155. Lots of press-outs.
    B.) 15:45…stupid bar muscle ups. Need to work on those more often.

    Nice job, Cas! Was that Rx?

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