Tuesday, September 2nd

We’re still on our 4-day tomorrow…and I’m still not cleared to WOD. Post when you’re going to do this tomorrow in comments.

A. Snatch Pull

EMOMx12: 3 Position Pause Snatch Pull at 1RM Snatch weight
Pause for 3 seconds at each position then jump and shrug
Pos. 1 – just below knees, work for vertical shins and back in full extension
Pos. 2 – above knees, work for shoulders over the bar, bar pulled into thighs
Pos. 3 – Pockets, work for vertical torso, knees forward and weight in mid-foot

B. 7 Rounds of:
In 2 mins complete:
200m Run
7 Deads, 335/225
Max reps of Double unders in the remaining time
Rest 1 minute between rounds, score is total number of DU

C. Muscle ups
20 Muscle ups for time, every time you break rest for 1 full minute
Don’t have Muscle Ups yet? Spend at least 15 minutes working on it. For most of you, that’s going to be working the transition.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday, September 2nd

  1. A. 155
    B. This one….335? You kidding me!?!? After the first round I had to drop to 308. I think the most DU I got was two. This pretty much became sprints and deadlifts for me.
    C. After working on the transition for a bit I got my first Muscle Up!!!!

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