Tuesday, 10-14-14

I should be in for both sessions tomorrow.

0745 at The Fred:
A. Clean Complex
Clean Deadlift pausing at the knees + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean – work up to a heavy single

B. Back Squat
10×3, across

1145 at the Fred:
C. 3 RFT:
500m Row
30 Box Jumps, 24/20
20 Push Press, 115/80

Post loads for A and B, and time for C to comments.

One thought on “Tuesday, 10-14-14

  1. Still rehabbing the back, so subbed for A: 3 x 5-10 Strict Press (all done at 88#), 3 x 5-10 Bent over row (88/88/110). Got 7/7/6, 10/10/9

    B: Scaled to 88 on the Push Press (back). Time: 17:56. Moving between the rower and the platform added about :30 every trip, so 2:30 total.

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