Friday, 12-12-14

I will hopefully be in for the morning session – kind of depends on how playing bus driver goes this morning. Will be in at lunch.

A.) (0745 at the Fred):
3-position Snatch at 65-70-75-75-70-65%
position 1 – Pockets
position 2 – Above the knee
position 3 – Below the knee
Each minute complete 3 snatches (one from the pockets, one from above and one below the knees)

For those who are still working on getting your snatch down, instead of the above, you will do an EMOMx10 of 3 OHS, starting with a naked bar; add weight as you are able. (If you have to ask what any of the above – “pockets,” “above the knee,” etc. – means, that means you.)

B.) (1145 at the Fred):
15 Wall Ball, 20/14
12 Box Jump, 24/20

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