Wednesday, 12-17-14

We’ll go again shortly after 1200.

A. Conditioning
For Time:
100 Double unders
5 rounds of Cindy
80 Double unders
4 rounds of Cindy
60 Double unders
3 rounds of Cindy
40 Double unders
2 rounds of Cindy
20 Double unders
1 round of Cindy
(Cindy: 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 airsquats)
*Scale for DUs is 2x Single Unders

B. Snatch Technique
Odd: Power Snatch + Snatch Balance
Even: 3-Position Snatch (3 squat snatches – 1 from the pockets, 1 from the knees, 1 from the floor)
*If you do not have your full Squat Snatch, you will do a variation of it.  Most will do the Overhead Squat – talk to me if you think you need to do something more advanced.

3. Dead Lift
work up to a heavy set of 5.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday, 12-17-14

    • Whitney – sorry for the late post…probably too late for it to be of any use to you.

      No, no presribed weight; do the weight that you can be assured to hit everything. It’ll be limited by your weakest of those movements. (For instance, for me it was the snatch balance.) I ended up going at about 60% of my 1RM Squat Snatch. (Same for Nick, though I think he bumped it up on his last set.)

      • Okay! I ended up working until 1300 yesterday.. And I have to take my APFT today so I figured doing all of those rounds of Cindy might not be the best idea haha. But when I do the WOD I’ll post time to comments! Thanks!

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