Thursday, 12-18-14 – Recovery (with some Mobility Instruction)

Anyone else’s hips, quads, and traps sore from all the work we’ve done over the last three days? Good news is that we actually have Karl, who is a recent grad of the CrossFit Mobility course. He’ll be giving some instruction on working those janky muscles and joints out today, starting about 1230.  Come in, get warmed up, and work those problem areas out. (I’ve got a 1300 meeting, so I won’t be able to be there at lunch. Feel free to join me for some mobility work in the morning about 0730.)

If you can’t make it, that’s fine – but, as always, DO SOMETHING. Warm up, mobilize, work on a goat, or make up a WOD that you missed earlier in the week. (However, if you did hit all three previous days, don’t go full bore…your body does really need the rest!)

One thought on “Thursday, 12-18-14 – Recovery (with some Mobility Instruction)

  1. I came in today and knocked out yesterday’s WOD! I may come in early tomorrow just for the additional stretching and mobility

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