Friday, 12-19-14

We’ll go today shortly after 1200 at The Fred.  Post to comments if you’ll be there at a different time.

A. For time:
Dead Lifts, 275/185
Box Jumps, 30/24
*As always, SCALE AS NEEDED – particularly on the deadlifts. One of the coaches WILL see you do at least 3 reps at the weight you THINK you’re going to use for the WOD to check for form.

B. Skills
6×2 Pausing “Rock Bottom” Front Squats, 95/65 – hold each rep for :30 seconds

Post time for A and how you did for B to comments.

8 thoughts on “Friday, 12-19-14

  1. A. 5:22 Rx – these are two of my stronger movements, so a good WOD for me.
    B. Did a total of 8 single reps…that was really interesting. A lot of stretch in the glutes/quads.

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