Christmas Eve WOD – 12-24-14

We will go again today a little after 1200, trying to start work (i.e. already warmed up) around 1230.

A. Snatch Technique
1. 5×5 Snatch Grip Sotts press from back rack
2. 5×3 Snatch Balance
3. 5×1 Hang Squat Snatch, >85%

3. 12 Days of CrossFit (for time)

1 Squat Snatch, 135/95
3 Push Press, 135/95
5 Hang Power Cleans, 135/95
6 Boxjumps, 30/24
7 Front Squats, 135/95
8 Abmat situps
9 KBS, 70/53
10 Lunges (10 each side)
11 Wall Balls, 30/20
12 Cal Rower
This is done exactly how the song goes – so you’ll do 1 Squat Snatch, then 2 HSPU and 1 Squat Snatch, then 3 Push Press and 2 HSPU and 1 Squat Snatch, etc.
We won’t all start this at the same time – don’t have the platforms or equipment to support it. So we will have 3-4 “lanes” with the right weight (scale as appropriate). You’ll start your 12 days once the person in front of you has completed their 5 Hang Power Cleans.
*Be courteous to those speed demons out there. If someone needs to use a bar who is moving faster than you are, let them have the bar/implement.

One thought on “Christmas Eve WOD – 12-24-14

  1. Wow, that was a rough one.

    1. Did 45# (naked bar). Was finally feeling good in the 4th and 5th sets, might have been able to add a little weight, but didn’t want to push it too hard.
    2. 45/88/110/121/132
    3. 135/146/155/155/155

    B. Wow, that was rough. 59:30 Rxd – missed the Snatch twice. (Awesome to watch both NIck and Aaron beast this one – I know Nick’s time was aroudn 36:03.) I was at least able to go unbroken on each set of each movement (with the exception of the first set of Wallballs…ball was slippery, slid through my hands once).

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