Thursday, 1-8-15 – Recovery Day

Recovery Day – what does that mean?

It means that you make your way into the gym – any gym will do, but Frederick is where I’ll be – and get a GOOD warm-up in. Then you mobilize in whatever way works best for you.  If you don’t know what works best for you, try something new out. The awesome news is that we have a CF Mobility-trained coach (Karl) who can show you a few different techniques.

If you missed one of the WODs earlier in the week, and IF your body is feeling up to it, it means that yes, you can make up one of those WODs.

I’ll be in at the regular times today – roughly 0745 and 1145. Hope to see you then.

3 thoughts on “Thursday, 1-8-15 – Recovery Day

  1. Missed doing the Snatch WOD from Tuesday, so made this up in the morning.

    10 min EMOM:
    Odd: Snatch Balance + Sotts Press + 2 OHS
    Even: 50 DU
    Did 67/67/71/73/78, the limiting factor being the Sotts press. Stupid Sotts Press.

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