Monday, 1-26-15

Have you signed up for the Open yet?

I’ll only be in for the lunch session.

1. 0745 at the Fred:
A. 5×2 Snatch Grip Push Press from behind the neck.
B. 5×1 High Hang Power Snatch
C. 3×2 Overhad Squat
D. Front Squat 2×10

2. 1145ish at the Fred:
Conditioning (WOD from Chris Spealler)
100 Thrusters, 75/55
1000m Row

Monday-Wednesday of this week (at least), will be lunch-only days for me.

3 thoughts on “Monday, 1-26-15

  1. I think these are the strength numbers Carl, Aaron, and I used today. I didn’t do the METCON.

    Snatch-grip Push Press – 1x 98#; 1x 109#; 1x 120#; 2x 135#
    High hang Snatch – 1x 87#; 1x 98#; 3x 109#
    OHS – 1x 109#; 2x 135#
    Front Squat – 2x 135#

  2. 1.110/132/132/132/143 SG PP
    132/132/132/143/154 High Hang Power Snatch
    132/154/176 OHS
    2. 14:00; took me about 9:00 to get through the thrusters. Thanks for the push Karl, Aaron, and Daniel.

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