Tuesday, 2-3-15

First, a little bit on posting to comments and its importance…

One of the best parts about CrossFit is the community that it builds. However, given our various schedules, we’re really not able to build that community like a “normal” box does. Because of equipment availability and schedules (meetings, appointments, etc.), we have to start WODs (especially the METCONs) at different times, and can’t always stick around to cheer on everyone to finish. That’s where the comment section comes in – post your results, and congratulate folks for their hard work/pushing through/PRs. (And don’t be shy about whether or not you did well on a WOD – if you look through the comment sections, you’ll see I’ve got plenty of WODs that I didn’t do well…some that I came in dead last.) We all want to celebrate your PRs.

If you’re away on a trip, we also love to hear about what you did to stay at it – i.e. visit another box, something in your hotel room/hotel gym/etc.

Second, posting on the message boards will help us coaches know where you need help – certain movements, pacing, etc. It also helps us figure out how to substitute and scale for folks who need it.

In short, post to comments.

I should be in for both sessions on Tuesday.

0745 at the Fred:
1. Skills:
3 Muscle ups
6 Strict HSPU
(I know that I will personally be scaling and subbing on this one….that would be a heck of a lot of HSPU and MUs.)

1145 at the Fred:
2. Conditioning
5 RFT:
12 Thrusters, 95/65
12 TTB

Post how you did on Part 1 (including any scaling/substitutions) and time for Part 2 to comments.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday, 2-3-15

  1. Scaled the MU using a box for foot placement; did 1/2 pushes on the HSPU. One day maybe I’ll get those for real šŸ˜€

    RX on the metcon in 11:14. Woop woop!

  2. I did a strength program first that was:

    1) EMOM 15 – jerk
    min 1-5 @ 70% (145#)
    min 6-10 @ 75% (155#)
    min 11-15 @ 80% (165#)

    2) 5×5 Push Press @ 70% (110#)

    3) 3×5 Front Squat @ 70% with 5 second eccentric on first rep (135#)

    4) 5×5 Pendlay Rows (85# x1, 95# x4)

    Then for the WOD – 8:26 RX’d.

  3. 1. Had every intention of doing the EMOM this morning…shoulder wasn’t having it. Going to have to lay off any horizontal or downward press (bench, dips, MUs) for a bit.

    2. 12:46…stupid TTB. This will be the goat I will be working on for the foreseeable future. Only saving grace was going UB on all of the thrusters.

    Thanks to Daniel and Whitney for the rabbits to chase! (And thanks for posting!)

  4. Been slacking in Washington haha. I am out in a hotel out in the Boonies and have done some light workouts in my hotel room. Thats about it though.

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