Tuesday, 2-10-15

I should be in for both sessions.

0745 at the Fred:
1. Skills
Odd: 3 Squat Snatches, climbing
Even: 12 unbroken TTB

2. Squat
10RM Front Squat
3RM Front Squat

1145 at the Fred:
3. Conditioning
75 Wall Balls, 20/14
60 Box Jumps, 24/20
45 C2B Pull ups
30 Cleans, 135/95
15 Muscle ups
*20 minute time cap

Post loads for Parts 1 and 2 and time for 3 to comments.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday, 2-10-15

  1. For the EMOM, I did increasing weight as follows…
    77#; 88#; 99#; 106#; 110#; 114#; 117#
    I strung together the first 4 rounds of snatches – on the 5th I failed the second when I tried to string them so I went to singles at that point. Did all of my TTB unbroken except the last two rounds (8-4 and 6-4-2)

    For the chipper – I finished the cleans in just under 16 minutes.. ripped my hands to shreds, so it slowed me down a little unfortunately. Got one muscle up, bc grabbing those rings hurt like hell! Would have liked to get more, but I called it at the 20 min cutoff b/c of my hands.

  2. I did 200 pounds for the 3 rep front squat thinger and made it to the muscle ups with about 3 and a half minutes left but couldn’t knock one out. Felt like the strength was there but the technique wasn’t. That is something Im gonna have to work on.

  3. Love seeing so many folks posting! Keep it up!

    1. Did the snatches at 110/121/132/143/154/160/165. First 5 rounds UB; had to split up the last two rounds and went over the minute for the last round. Knowing that 12 TTB would have been beyond me, I did 5. Should have done 6.

    2. 264 for 10RM (PI PR); 300 for 3RM (PI PR)

    3. Finished the cleans at about 17:47. Resting the shoulder, so I went in planning on not doing MU.

    Great job, everyone! And great to see a new face – Josh!

  4. Not sure why this didn’t post yesterday, but I managed to get to the muscle ups with a couple of mins left. Only managed to crank out 3 muscle ups before time ran out, I was beat!

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