Wednesday, 2-10-15


I should be in for both sessions.

Hey! Do you like to take pictures? Yes? Then feel free to take ’em of our folks killing it during our WODs. I’ll post the good ones.

0745 at the Fred:
1. Clean
7×1 Squat Clean at 90%

2. Squat
Find 5RM Back Squat
(You’ll need to know this for Part 3…so even if you can’t make it in at the morning session, you need to get there early enough at lunch to do it before Part 3.)

Lunch (1145) at the Fred:
3. EMOMx15
5 Rounds of:
Min 1: 7 Back Squat from a rack (70% of 5RM)
Min 2: 20 GHDSU
Min 3: Shuttle Sprint for time (2x: 10m out and back, 15m out and back)

5 thoughts on “Wednesday, 2-10-15

  1. AM:Clean: 7×1 Squat Clean: 90kg
    Squat: 5RM: 100kg
    3. EMOMx15
    5 Rounds of:
    Min 1: 7Shuttle Sprint. 10-15-10-15
    Min 2: 7 Back Squat: 90kg (a little heavy. oops)
    Min 3: 20 GHDSU. Missed last five GHDSU (halfway down)

  2. 1. 242/253/264/271 x 4. This was a major milestone for me – not only a PI PR, but 270 is 90% of my PRE-injury 1RM (300).
    2. 271 – could have gone higher, but had a meeting to get to.
    3. Check. Backsquats were at 220; did 20/15/13/10/10 on the GHDs.

    Awesome to see some new faces out there (like Garrett (sp?) and Llanes.

  3. I squat cleaned 154 for the 7×1. It took me a minute to work up to that cause I was (am) sore haha. I felt like I could go higher and will next time. I think the weight belt helps my back out a lot and haven’t felt any twinges since starting to wear it. Cruz and I did 174 for the 7x BS and I did 20x half GHD for every set. I have always had tension when flexing far back like that (at least the past couple years when I started doing them.) I don’t know if it is a mobility thing or a muscle thing. I am gonna try and do them a little more consistent with a full range of motion and see if that alleviates the tension.

  4. Squat was 140 and half reped the GHD but made 20 reps every round. Got a great work out not much of a rest inbetween workouts with changing weights and a 15sec walk from the turf to the GHD machine.

  5. did it during recovery day…all in one session
    1: 152/198/220/276/308(failed standing up)
    2:276/ 308 but form went out way
    3: b.sq at 220 , miss to reach 20 on the last 2

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