Sunday, 2-15-15 – Rest Day and T-Shirt Poll

While you’re having your great rest day today, ask yourself the following: “Just how many CrossFit 89 t-shirts do I want and/or need?”

That’s right…we’re going to be putting in another t-shirt order, as lots of you have asked about them. The more we order, the less it will be. It’ll most likely be just like the one you’ve seen me wear. (Yes, even for the ladies, unless we get a large number of women who want a large number of shirts to bring the price down.) The only exception MIGHT be is that I’ll see if we can get that same design with COACH across the top back for those who are L1s. Post to comments how many you’d like – I’ll run this poll through Friday (February 20th) to get max participation.

Note that this is just a POLL at this time, and you are not committing to buying (or ordering) it yet. That will be later.

24 thoughts on “Sunday, 2-15-15 – Rest Day and T-Shirt Poll

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  2. I’m right there with Courtney…Is there an XS? I would take 2! But I’m not at Bragg to pick them up. So I’m not sure how that would work.

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