Friday, 2-27-15

Whoa, so this is going to be good. (And yes…you can still register!)

WOD 15.1

In 15 Minutes (no built-in rest…15 minutes is all you get):
15 TTB
10 Deadlifts (115/75)
5 Snatches (115/75)
Then 6 mins to find 1RM Clean and Jerk

Go here for the movement standards. It also has information on the scaling for masters and the scaled competition.

Due to conflicting stuff, I will be in EARLY in the morning (aiming for 0600)…I will need someone to judge me (and will judge as many as I can until I have to leave…I have to be at the showers NLT 0725.)

7 thoughts on “Friday, 2-27-15

  1. How do you check your score? I got on the leaders board and punched in my name and didnt see anything. Is there some sort of verification process or something?

    • Stupid phone….

      101 reps…TTB will be the death of me.

      221#…about where I thought I’d be, but want to try again. Think I can go higher.

  2. I read that “One rep of the prescribed version of the workout will be ranked ahead of the best score of the scaled version of the workout”.

    I chose not to scale and could not get passed 3 reps of snatch. I will try again on Monday!

  3. Been doing my stuff at Redpoint. Only got 97 reps. Those TTB sucked. Got 235 for weight. Totally should have had 255 but just couldn’t get under it for some reason. Thinking about doing it again. Not sure.

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