Thursday, 2-26-15 – The Open is Upon Us!

CFG 15.1Photo courtesy of The CrossFit Games Facebook Page

Thursday night, the first WOD (15.1) will be announced at 5 PM PST (2000 our time). Go to to watch the live-streamed announcement – the Fittest and 2nd Fittest Men in the World will be throwing down. (I’ll also post the WOD when it comes out, and provide links to the WOD descriptions, etc.)

Get a good warmup in and get loose on Thursday – roll out, stretch. DO NOT make up any WODs. Friday will be a very interesting day, particularly for everyone who has not done the Open before.

And for your reading pleasure: 10 Things I Wish I Knew About the Open

Sneak preview for Friday’s posting:
– Assuming we don’t have any weather issues, I’ll be going in early Friday morning to do the WOD and judge anyone who shows.
– When you do the WOD, you will have your own judge (one judge for each athlete).
– Anytime someone wants to test, there must be a Certified Judge present (but not necessarily judging)
– It is each athlete’s responsibility to read and/or watch the movement standards prior to doing the WOD. We will review the movement standards prior to the WOD as well.
– It is also each athlete’s responsibility to enter their score on the Games site.

More tomorrow.

One thought on “Thursday, 2-26-15 – The Open is Upon Us!

  1. Me and a few others are headed in at 6ish I think to do this since we have a meeting that is lasting till 12 tomorrow. Froning just beasted.

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