Monday, 3-2-15

1. OPEN 15.1
15 TTB
10 Deads, 115/75
5 Snatches, 115/75

Directly into…

2. 6 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean and Jerk

(Yes…Coach Bergeron programmed this again for all of us Open Athletes today. Hit it hard, but hit it smart.) We’ll do this both in the morning (0745 and 1145). Try to improve on both parts of the WOD.

I plan on being in NLT 0700 tomorrow. So far, Mr. Turner is the only one who has said that he wants to re-test (besides me). Post to comments

3 thoughts on “Monday, 3-2-15

  1. I want to retest. I probably will at lunch with everyone who hasn’t done it yet. I am shooting for 130 and 205.

  2. Retested at crossfit ferus and improved 15 reps (180) and about ten pounds (245). Looking forward to a non-open workout tomorrow am.

    • Also. CrossFit Ferus has extended a free invite to all crossfit 89 athletes to perform the open workout at the affiliate on Saturdays for the duration of the open. I’m there every Saturday as well. Just FYI. In case anyone wants to do it in an affiliate atmosphere. That said, it’s real crowded on Saturdays during the open… So come early and write your name on the board for an early heat (10am class).


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