Saturday, 3-6-15

You can go in to Tucker to hit this one up:

1. Conditioning
Odd: :40 seconds of Max Calorie Row
Even: :40 seconds of Max reps of 10 meter Shuttle Run

OR…since I know no one else did the Open WOD, you can go to one of the below boxes to do it:

CrossFit Ferus (Tallywood Shopping Center Location): Saturdays at 1000 (Free)

Crossfit Guild (on Raeford Road): Friday Evenings (1730, I think) and Sunday afternoon – check on times (Free)

Iron Forged Athletics (near downtown Fayetteville): Saturdays at 1200 (Free)

CrossFit Metanoia (located in Cottonade, off Yadkin just off post) will be offering WOD testing Fridays at 1700, Saturdays 0900 and 1000, and Sundays at 1200 (only as needed – so you’ll need to contact them or get in touch with me in plenty of time to coordinate if you want to do it on a Sunday). First time there is free; after that, it’s a $10 drop-in or buy a t-shirt).

rossFit 611 (Southern Pines) offers WOD testing at all of their Friday classes (0534, 0800, 0845, 0930, and 1715) and their Saturday morning class (0900) for a $10 drop-in fee.

2 thoughts on “Saturday, 3-6-15

  1. Im gonna try and hit the 15.2 at Crossfit Metanoia on Sunday. Ill give those guys a holler and see if I can fit in. ThenI will probably do it again on Monday depending on how my arms feel.

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