Wednesday, 3-11-15

I should be in for both sessions today.

0745 at the Fred:
1. Strength
5×3 Thrusters, climbing

1145 at the Fred:
2. Conditioning
Odd: 7 Push Press + 7 Thrusters,
Even: 8x10m Shuttle Runs – every 10m counts as a rep. two hand touch over the turn around line.
record weights on the bar and times for each of the 6 sprints.

– For both the odd and even minutes, stop working with no less than 15 seconds left in the minute, even if you can’t get all of the work for that minute in.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday, 3-11-15

  1. Cliff, I think I have your water bottle, headphones, and iPod.

    1. 155/165/177/188/201. Even as long as I’ve been doing CrossFit, haven’t ever done a 3RM on Thruster. So a new PR!

    2. Did it at 95#…and it sucked. Don’t get all 7 Thrusters on rounds 5 and 6 (did 4/3). Nice push from Aaron and Cliff.

  2. Sweet. That is my waterbottle. Oops
    I never PRed on thrusters so I guess 176 is my new max. Exciting! Haha
    I did the first 2 sets at 65# and did the rest at 95#s. I agree with MAJ Hudson. It sucked with 95#s haha I did manage to get all the reps though

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