Monday, 3-16-15 – WOD 15.3 Redux

We’ll be hitting this up at 0900 at the Fred. If you can’t make it then (i.e. you’re not part of USASOC) – and especially if you still need to test for the Open – post to comments and we’ll try to have a judge for another time. (I can’t make it at lunch, but others may.)

1. OPEN 15.3
7 Muscle ups
50 Wall Balls, 20/14
100 Double unders

5 thoughts on “Monday, 3-16-15 – WOD 15.3 Redux

  1. Hey! I met a bunch of you at Frederick this morning as I knocked out 15.3. I’d like to make myself known to your community, and hopefully meet up with some of you in future. I can’t meet during the week at 7:45 or noon, but I do go to Frederick 8:45-10:15 every mon, wed, thur, fri, and sat. I’d love to meet up for a workout maybe on Saturday if you all do that.
    I’m new to the area, and you all are the first people that are interested in progressing with Crossfit that are not associated with an expensive affiliate. I’ve been training on my own for 2 years out of necessity (even though I am level 1 certified), and am desperate for SOME kind of community! Preferably one that doesn’t cost and arm and a leg =/

    It was really exciting meeting you all today! Thanks for the company, and congrats completing 15.3 đŸ˜‰
    Hope to see you soon!

  2. Unfortunately I think most of us can’t do 0845-1015 Through the week.Barring weekend when I am teaching gun stuff I can probably do Saturdays around that timeframe though! I usually take Saturdays off but would like not too haha.

  3. Had to substitute 2 for 1 pull-ups for the muscle ups but completed two rounds. I’ve been out of the gym for awhile so I’m pretty happy with it.

  4. I didn’t post my score!!!
    Although I am not signed up for the Open, I’ve completed 15.1 and 15.3 just for fun on my own (fun?!?! I know right?!) 15.3 score was 176. I was able to Rx it, and got 12 wall balls into my 2nd round.
    Muscle ups were more of an issue than I bargained for, and had some huge trouble locking out a lot of my reps. I’m sure quite a few of them would not have counted in competition.
    I am excited to post scores on here! I’ve been needing to keep some kind of record of progress for awhile now…

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