Tuesday, 3-17-15

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We’ll be back at it during our regular times on Tuesday.

BTW…if you don’t wear green, you’ll get to do an additional 20 burpees. (Unless you’re in uniform. That’s fine.)

Also, if you pay attention to the comment section, we’ve got a new L1 in town – Caroline. She’s a dependent (of someone in “our” course), who will be hitting it up at the Fred most mornings about 0845 (when most of us can’t go). She’s proposed a regular Saturday meet-up for all of us (at the Fred). I know that I can’t make it in every Saturday (maybe some), but I know some of you make it in then. As an informal poll, post to comments if you think you’d be able to make that a normal thing (for you).

0745 at the Fred:
1. Clean
Work up to a heavy complex of: Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Front Squat

1145 at the Fred:
50 Cal Row
50 Box Jumps
25 PC (135/95)
25 Burpees over Bar

6 thoughts on “Tuesday, 3-17-15

  1. Hey all! It’s exciting to be connecting with you all!

    I’m so sorry, but I have a women’s Bible study in the morning that I have to attend. I will be at the gym like normal Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Sunday and Tuesday are my rest days 🙂

  2. 1. 220; Got 231 on the hang squat clean, but wasn’t feeling the clean. Think I was still feeling the effects of the stomach bug I had yesterday.
    2. 11:09. Aaron, you don’t get to go after me any more.

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