Wednesday, 3-18-15

We’ll be there at our normal times tomorrow…PLUS, new Coach Caroline will be running a 0845-0945 WOD as well. I’ll be there for the 0745 and 1145 sessions.

1. Strength
Build to a heavy Overhead Complex of: 1 Push Press + 1 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk

2. Conditioning
5 rounds of:
Min 1 – :30s Max rep 10m Shuttles
Min 2 – :30s Max rep 1-Arm DB Snatches, 70/50 – alternate arms every rep
Min 3 – :30s Max rep Strict HSPU

– Go across the turf for the Shuttle Runs; yes, it’s a little short of 10m, but it’s close enough.
– Use the power blocks (the adjustable dumbbells) for the DB snatches

Post load for part 1 and reps of each movement for part 2 (try to keep a running total for each of them).

7 thoughts on “Wednesday, 3-18-15

  1. 60 kilos / 132# for strength
    Missed 61 kilos

    10 sprints each round
    7 snatches (3 each side + 1) @50lbs
    HSPU’s was averaging 8 with just an ab mat, 3 with 10kilo plates on each side. These need work.

  2. 1. 188#; might be able to get 200, but ran out of time. (My OH game needs mad work.)

    Didn’t make it in during lunch; will be going in about 1700 to do part 2, if anyone else wants to join in.

  3. This is gonna be lengthy
    Aaron: 200#s for the Overhead complex
    Shuttle Runs: 10,12,11,11,11
    Dumb Bell thingers 70#s: 5,7,6,6,6
    HSPU:10,10,10,3,5 w/ Abmat

    Joey: 145#s Overhead
    SRs: 14,12,12,11,11
    Dumb Bell 50#s: 10,8,10,11,9
    HSPU: 4,2,1,1,1

    Clif: 110 Overhead
    SRs: 10,11,10,11,12
    DBs 50#: 8,8,8,8,9
    HSPU: 2,2,0,1,0

    Overall it went smoothly but all three of us need to work on our technique with the overhead stuff.

  4. I was thinking I could send me wife to Coach Caroline’s stuff in the morning if I could find someone to watch my kids. As long as Caroline is not opposed to that I would be excited to get the wife working out with a coach!

  5. 2. 12/12/12/12/12 SR
    10/10/11/10/10 DB Snatch
    3/3/3/3/3 Strict HSPU (hands on 12″ foam boxes, head to box) – was trying to make sure I didn’t blow the HSPU out to start; should have gone to 4 or 5 to start off.

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