3-21-15 – Meet at the Fred at 1000

Coach Caroline will be showing up at the Fred at 1000 Saturday to run this WOD. She needs folks to come on down – she can’t do the team WOD by herself! (I’m out of town, but would otherwise be there.)

1. Strength
2×10 Back Squat

2. Conditioning
Teams of 3 complete AMRAP 16 of the following triplet:
10 Front Squats, 185/135
20 C2B
30 Deads 185/135
Athlete 1 and 2 start on the triplet (one athlete working at a time). Athlete 3 starts on a rower and completes 500m Row before switching with a teammate. One teammate must always be rowing, and you must switch every 500m. Score is total rounds + reps of the triplet.

8 thoughts on “3-21-15 – Meet at the Fred at 1000

  1. I am teaching a rifle course tomorrow and will be unable to attend 😦 but my wife Lindsey is looking forward to starting some Crossfit with Caroline next week. We are putting together a plan for one of our friends to help watch the kids to make it happen!

  2. No one here but me and Susan!
    Back squat: 10-7-5-3-3
    Susan: 75k / 165 for last set of 3
    Caroline: 95k / 209 for one set of 3

    • We did the Regionals met con:
      3 RFT
      10 CTB
      10 front squat (115) we scaled to 75 and 95 lbs
      10 burpees

      Susan: 7:54
      Caroline: 8:54

      Great WOD today! Hit some old PR’s on back squat and then threw in a great little met con. I’m still trying to nail butterfly CTB’s, can’t quite get the timing and angle down just yet but it’s coming. 🙂

  3. So we’re up in High Point (near Greensboro) for a dance comp for Our oldest. I was sent out on a Starbucks run this morning, and of course ran into three “obvious” CrossFitters from CrossFit High Point (decked out in shirts an Nanos, etc and talking about their class coming up). I wonder if they could see my lip quivering as I whispered to myself, “I wanna go…”

    Great job, Caroline and Susan!

    • Glad I’m not the only one that gets those lustful urges 😉 So I just settle for online lulu purchases lol
      This blog has really been a blessing. Working out completely solo is rugged.

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