Wednesday, 3-25-15

1. Snatch
3 rounds of:
3 reps at 70%
3 reps at 75%
2 reps at 80%
2 reps at 85%
1 rep at 90%
(Yes, that means do all of that three times.)

2. Conditioning
10 KBS, 2-pood/1.5-pood
60 Double unders
6 10m Shuttle sprints (every turn around counts as a rep)
(Across the turf once will serve as our 10m)
*Scale for double-unders is 2:1 (i.e. 120 singles)

I will not be in for the morning session, but should be there for the lunch session. Coach Caroline will be running the 0845 session.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday, 3-25-15

  1. This is embarrassing. Did not make it very far into the snatches. I made one rep at 50 kilos and then failed it 3 times after that. My right knee is really giving me grief this week, but I’ve also been squatting on it a lot. My nervous system just felt tired today. Couldn’t get tight under the weight.
    So I quit.

    Got 12 DU’s into my 4th round of the met con.

  2. I did 2 full rounds of the snatches and was on my third round when Dave recommended I work more on getting under the bar instead of cave man squatting it (I don’t think that is a term but oh well.) I ran out of time before I could knock out the Metcon but could probably use the break before friday anyways.
    My 90% (Which was more like my 100%) was 150ish pounds. I gotta work on my snatch technique if I wanna improve that number.

  3. Since I couldn’t get in this morning, I only had time for the snatches – and got a badass bro sesh in with Nick and Aaron.

    Did the following, based off a 188# PR:
    132 x 3
    140 x 3
    150 x 2
    160 x 2
    170 x 1

    Managed to get them all TnG, missed twice. Awesome to get a snatch workout in again.

    Caroline – no reason to be embarrassed…we all have those days when it just doesn’t feel right. It’s called listening to your body. (When we don’t, that’s when we do something stupid and injur ourselves.)

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