Friday, 3-27-15 – WOD 15.5

Here it is, the last of the Open for 2015. We’ll hit this up both in the morning and at lunch (though I will have to leave at about 12:25), and we’ll do it at the Fred. (I’ll bring in my 25# plates (2 sets) and 15# plates (1 set) so that we can do it upstairs in the rowing loft.) I’ll need a judge in the morning for me.

27-21-15-9 reps for time of:
Row (calories)

95# Men/65# Women

Post to comments when you plan on doing it so that we have judges for everyone.

And when you’ve completed it, don’t forget to post to comments your time.

4 thoughts on “Friday, 3-27-15 – WOD 15.5

  1. I cant make it today. The thing we had this morning threw off our schedule and I am pretty much gonna have to work through lunch. I will try and knock it out on Monday as well as Cruz.

  2. I am gonna send the wife to workout tomorrow if Caroline is gonna be around. I was gonna send her to Fredericks around 0845

    • I’ll be at the Fred tomorrow 10:00am.
      I was out of town today, but my daughters school was cancelled today. She won’t have school next Friday either 😦 I may try to get a session in next Friday afternoon as well.

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