Saturday, 3-28-15

Coach Caroline will be running the WOD at 1000 at Frederick. I unfortunately can’t be there…but you guys have fun!

1. Conditioning
1 RFT:
30 Pull ups
50 Sit ups
70 Double unders

immediately into

2 RFT:
20 Pull ups
40 Sit ups
60 Double unders

immediately into

3 RFT:
10 Pull ups
20 Sit ups
40 Double unders

4 thoughts on “Saturday, 3-28-15

  1. My wife Lindsey will be there at 1000. I will watch the kids so she can go! Ill have her on the lookout so she can link up with Caroline.

  2. Lindsey and Susan joined me this am, they both completed a scaled version of the workout in 10-13 mins. They both did VERY well, keeping a good and consistent pace the entire time! It was a huge pleasure to meet Lindsey, I hope to see her again next Saturday!

    Just a quick congratulations: this was Lindsey’s first ever Crossfit workout!!! She did great, and I feel confident that she will feel sore but not dead tomorrow 🙂 well done Lindsey!!

    I completed the workout afterwards in 22:46.

    Overall, a great Saturday WOD!! See y’all Monday! Have a great weekend 🙂

  3. Lindsey enjoyed her workout immensely and is excited about her future workouts! Thanks Caroline for helping her out!

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