Friday, 4-3-15 – AT TUCKER

We’ll go at 0845 at Tucker. 

1. Snatch Complex
7 sets of: Power Snatch + Hang Squat Snatch + Squat Snatch

2. Strength
7×2 Overhead Pause Squats, Pause for 5 Seconds at the bottom of each rep.

3. Gymnastics Skills
5 sets of 10-15 unbroken TTB, rest as needed between sets

4. Conditioning
Wall Balls, 30/20
KBS, 2-pood/1.5-pood
500m Row after each round

3 thoughts on “Friday, 4-3-15 – AT TUCKER

  1. Message for Caroline: Lindsey is planning on hitting the gym tomorrow whenever you are gonna be there. She is still recovering from the stomach bug but she should be good for a light version of whatever is going on.
    And thanks for the help today!

  2. Heads up!!! I will not be at the Fred in the morning (Saturday april 4). Sorry peeps, no Saturday class! Next weekend will be back to normal… God willing 🙂

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