Wednesday, 4-15-15

I should be in for both the breakfast and lunch sessions…but will need to leave no later than 0830 for the morning session.

1. Snatch (0745)
A. 1-rep heavy Hang Power Snatch
B. 1-rep heavy Power Snatch from blocks below the knee
C. 1-rep heavy Power Snatch

2. Conditioning (1145)
“Mind Eraser”
7 Power Cleans, 135/95
7 Burpees

200m Run

*As the name suggests, It will be very easy to lose count of your rounds on this one…I recommend bringing 15-20 small “things” that you’ll move from one pile to the other to keep count. Pennies. Pens/pencils. Very small rocks. Witches. (Free prize to anyone who caught that reference.)

7 thoughts on “Wednesday, 4-15-15

  1. 8 rounds even – after I nearly concussed myself doing power snatches. I have a big ol’ knot in the middle of my face to prove it πŸ™‚

  2. 8 +3. And hang snatched 156 or so. Couldn’t catch Dave he is too fast on the cleans haha! That was a fun workout

  3. 1. A. 155
    B. 160
    C. 170

    2. 8 rounds, 7 cleans and 4 burpees. Again a great energy in the gym – thanks for the push from everyone. (And welcome to Chris…long time CrossFitter/Fredite, first time 89er!)

    • Yeah, Thursdays are a little bit of a low day (though they shouldn’t be), and I was a few minutes late yesterday. Just ask one of the MWR staff (the civilians, not the tasked Soliders) or the smoothie bar staff to point out Dave Hudson to you. Hope to see you today!

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