Wednesday, 4-22-15

PR day! All three of these will be very important going forward, as you will base percentages off of these in future training.

Make sure you get very warmed up for all three of these.

I will be in for both sessions.

1. Strength
1 Rep Max Clean

2. Strength
1 Rep Max Weighted Pull-Up

3. Conditioning

500 Meter Row

(For #3, make sure you set the specific distance on the rower so that you get an accurate time – it will be in minute, seconds, and tenths of a second.) If you don’t know how to do this, I’ll show you.)

Post loads for 1&2 and time for 3 to comments.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday, 4-22-15

  1. Did 225 power clean! Need to work on my squat clean. It was ugly. Did 80#s on the pull up thinger. And didnt get to the row

  2. 1. 287, post-injury PR. Felt pretty good, so tried for my pre-injury PR (which happened about a year and a half ago) at 300. Wasn’t happening….didn’t pull it high enough to get under it.

    2. 108, new PR.

    3. Didn’t get to the row, will do Thursday a.m.

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