Friday, 4-24-15

I unfortunately won’t be able to make it in for either session…will be busy making sure my feet and knees are together.

1. Event 2
1RM Snatch

2. Event 1
5 muscle-ups
10 cleans, 155/105

Scale for the muscle ups: 3:1 pull-ups and ring dips.

Post load for 1 and number of rounds for 2 to comments.

5 thoughts on “Friday, 4-24-15

  1. I did 160#s for the Snatch and Joe did 165. So we both PRed and have a good baseline for future goals. This week was fun.

  2. Manages to get to the gym at lunch after all, and finally got my 200# snatch…something I’ve been fighting to get for a good five years. (Actually got 201…silly KG plates.)

    Got one full round plus 5 MUs and 1 clean on the METCON.

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