Monday, 4-27-15

I should be in for both the breakfast and lunch sessions, and Caroline at her usual 0845 time.

I should be in for both breakfast and lunch; Caroline will be there at 0845.

1. Event 2
1RM Snatch

2. Event 3
1,000m Row
50 Thrusters 65/45
30 C2B Pull ups

Yep, get to do the 1RM snatch again!

4 thoughts on “Monday, 4-27-15

  1. My daughter doesn’t have school until Thursday this week. Susan and I are doing this at my house at 10am 🙂 we’ll be subbing an 800m run in for the row. 🙂

    I’ll be in normally Thursday Friday and Saturday.

  2. I should be there for the lunch hour session. I’m eager to get back to it after missing Friday thanks to the jump.

  3. That workout sucked. I did it in 23:11. I feel like I coulda gone faster but probably not by much. I did 2 minutes per 500 on the row and 10 sets of 10 thrusters and 10 sets of 5 C2Bs.

  4. 1. Got 176 then tried to jump to 205 (to outdo my PR of 201 on Friday). Missed both attempts – video review shows that I’m trying to catch it too high (at about parallel). Need to work on ATG OHS and heavy snatch balance.

    2. Aaron wasn’t joking on this one…this was a total gut check. Was shooting for sub-30, got 29:30. Second round was actually a bit faster than the first.

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