Thursday, 4-30-15 – Recovery Day

Come in and get your recovery on – warm up, rollout, floss, and/or stretch (band stretching is my favorite). I’ll be at the Fred or the morning session.

You can also make up a WOD that you missed – like Aaron, “The Joes,” and I will be at Tucker at lunch (1145ish). We’ll be hitting up Wednesday’s WOD then.

Caroline’s crew – Watch the comments section for where to meet at 0845. She will update you there.

2 thoughts on “Thursday, 4-30-15 – Recovery Day

  1. I am going to be at the Chaplain’s luncheon today but the others will shoot over there to complete the team WOD. I am quite sorry I am gonna miss it as it seems like a ton of fun.

  2. Joe C and I teamed up for this one (Wednesday’s) and got a total of 280 yards on the prowler, 49 tire flips, 90 calories on the rower, 230 double unders, 41 HSPU, and 10 rope climbs. Awesome time! Great to see a familiar face, Derek, there.

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