Friday, 5-22-15

I know that most folks are either going out of town for the long weekend or are doing Murph on Saturday (still not too late!) For everyone else, here is some work to be done. Remember that The Fred is closed Friday and Monday, but Tucker is open (normal hours Friday, 1200-1900 on Monday)

1. “Randy”

75 snatches for time (75/55). As there is no way to make 75 or 55 pounds with normal-sized plates, use the small plates and either a) take the bar just below the knees for the beginning of every rep or b) se the lower plyoboxes boxes up on either side of you and that becomes your “ground” for your bar and plates

2. Gymnastics Conditioning
60 Strict Pull ups for time

Post times for 1 and 2 to comments. (Also, if you do something else, post THAT to comments…everyone wants to know!)

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