Friday, 5-29-15

I will be in early for the breakfast session to try to get parts 1 and 2 done, and then 3 and 4 at the lunch session.

And if know that Aaron is psyched to try out his new kicks.

1. Snatch
7 sets of the following complex:  Pocket High Pull + Hang High Pull + Hang Squat Snatch
Pocket High Pull – Start with the bar at your hips, knees bent, vertical torso. Extend aggressively through knees and pull bar up your torso.
Hang High Pull – Start with the bar at mid thigh with your chest over the bar. Slowly bring the bar to your pockets and pull up your torso.

2. Strength
Work up to a heavy set of 5 OHS

3. Gymnastics Conditioning
5×15 unbroken C2B – rest as little as possible between sets, but they must be unborken

4. Conditioning
1,000m Row
21-15-9 of:
KBS, 2-pood, 1.5-pood
OHS, 115/80

Post loads for 1 and 2, and times for 3 and 4 (plus any scaling) to comments.

One thought on “Friday, 5-29-15

  1. I did the metcon in 13:30. I was trying to catch Dave but couldn’t quite do it. Next time though! I enjoyed that workout quite a bit, it was a good out of comfort zone workout.

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