Friday, 6-5-15

1. Pull
10×2 Halting Clean Pull, climbing – pause at the knee before finishing the second pull

2. 20RM Benchmark
20RM Push Press – not jerk

3. Conditioning
4 RFT:
21 Pull ups
15m HS Walk
9 Deadlifts, 255/175

If, like me, you don’t have your hand stand walk yet, a good sub would be 10 HSPU (each round). 

I’ll be in at lunch to try to get as much as this done as possible (at least the METCON).

Post loads for 1 and 2 and time for 3 to comments.

One thought on “Friday, 6-5-15

  1. I knocked it out in 16:57. I went through the body weight stuff pretty fast but the DLs KILLED me! Note to self: do more heavy deadlifts.
    Cruz did 23:33. He did good on the pullups and DLs but didn’t do well on the HSPUs. He pushed it hard though and threw up a little in his mouth haha!

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