Wednesday, 6-16-15

Post to comments when you’ll be in.

1.  Barbell Conditioning

Teams of 3:
A. AMRAP 7 of Strict Press:
50 reps at 95/65
50 reps at 115/80
AMRAP at 135/95

3 min Rest

B. AMRAP 7 of Front Rack Step Out Lunges:
50 reps at 115/75
50 reps at 135/95
AMRAP at 155/105

3 min Rest

C. AMRAP 7 of Push Press:
50 reps at 135/95
50 reps at 155/105
AMRAP at 185/135

2. Conditioning
Front Squats, 185/135
Bar Muscle ups

3. Gymnastics Conditioning
NOT for time:
A. 7×1 Strict Ring Muscle ups with med ball between your feet
B. Accumulate 60 seconds of an L-sit on parallettes
C. 35 Strict C2B Pull ups
D. 100′ HS Walk

Post total 3rd weights reps for 1, time for 2, and results for 3 to comments.

One thought on “Wednesday, 6-16-15

  1. That is a TON of stuff. We did the team WOD, and made it 11 reps into the strict press with 135 and 18 into the lunges with 155 and 53 into the push presses with 155#s.
    We had a team of 4, myself, Cruz, Joe, and Chris.
    I wanted to knock out the conditioning WOD but didn’t have time. I did HS walks and am getting better at them. Unlike my DUs.

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